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Queen Hair number one hair factory in Vietnam

Queen Hair was established twenty years ago. Throughout its development, Queen Hair has grown to become one of the world’s leading factories.

Queen Hair establishment

Queen Hair has more than twenty years of extensive experience in the hair industry. Established in the 2000s, the company has since developed to become one of the leading factories in the world.


Queen Hair establishment

  • Jessica – The CEO of the company is the daughter of a farmer’s family. Growing up, she always wanted to make a change, for both herself and her family. Later on, she became the first generation to be able to enter a prestigious university. She was determined to open a new, niche business from that moment.
  • One time, she went to the mountainous area of Vietnam for her business trip. She figured out an amazing and potential market that no one has done in the region: The human hair trade.
  • She began to do thousands of research regarding human hair and this market and realized that this already has a massive market in the West. But in Vietnam, even though the hair is extremely silky and beautiful with an abundant source, this market has not been developed at all.

Queen hair’s story

  • She then makes a contract with the mountain women in the mountain areas, that they can only wash their hair with herbs and have a healthy diet so that the hair is guaranteed to be the best quality. Jessica also researches the most modern technology to produce hair and collaborates with many professional hairdressers in order to produce the best hair quality possible.
  • And by that, Queen Hair started to grow each day and then became one of the top hair factories in the market. Queen Hair firm has since worked with thousands of hair brands and become a reliable hair source. 

Queen Hair can guarantee that the hair is of excellent quality with an affordable price. Queen Hair has many departments, each is responsible for a different task in order to make sure the product will have the best quality. 

Queen Hair product characteristics

Down below, we will evaluate the features of Queen Hair’s products based on three criteria: Prices, quality and diversity.

The affordable prices of Queen Hair’s product

Queen Hair products are of reasonable prices. Compared to many big hair factories, Queen Hair is one of the few that has an affordable price with such high quality.


The affordable prices of Queen Hair’s product

  • The reason for this affordable price is because Queen Hair is based in the raw material area. That means Queen Hair gathers hair from the women in the country instead of importing it from abroad. 
  • Queen Hair produces hair on a massive production scale. Queen Hair hired low wage workers to produce the hair. That is why the price is minimized.

The high quality of Queen Hair’s product

Queen Hair products are of the best quality. The hair is made from 100% human hair.


The high quality of Queen Hair’s product

  • Queen Hair collects the hair from the women in the mountain area. These donors have a healthy diet and wash their hair with herbs on a daily basis. That is why the hair is always guaranteed to be of the best quality.
  • Queen Hair has many years of experience in producing hair. That is why they can produce the hair without making it damaged or dry. 
  • Original Vietnamese hair is already naturally silky and smooth, therefore making it a great extension.

The diversity of Queen Hair product

Queen Hair has always known to have a wide range of hairstyles. Queen Hair has many fashionable hairstyles that are loved by many girls.


The diversity of Queen Hair product

  • Because Queen Hair from Vietnam has more than twenty years of experience in the business, the company knows exactly what their customers want.
  • Queen Hair products are of high quality, therefore, it can be styled into many colors without getting damaged. These are also the number one reason why Queen Hair is loved by many hair brands.

To conclude, you can clearly see that Queen Hair has all three essential factors: affordability, high quality and diversity. If you are looking for a hair factory to import hair, you can choose Queen Hair as your source. Queen Hair is a reliable hair vendor that is based in the raw material area, so the supply is always stable. The political background in Vietnam is also very stable, so you can be assured that the delivery process will be fast and simple.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us. Queen Hair customer service is always ready to answer any question and give advice.

You can contact Queen Hair through the hotline (+84)844444829 (whatsapp) or via Scoop it: