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Long remy hair extension: Trendy or Outdated

Long remy hair extension is a hairstyle favored by those who like long hair but do not have the patience to grow such a hair. So it was born to be the most optimal solution.

Overview about long remy hair extension

Long remy hair extension is loved by all the girls in the world because of its smoothness, shine and creates an impressive beauty for those who use it:

  • Long remy hair extension is made from 100% original hair but unlike virgin hair extension, it is collected from many different people but still ensures good quality with durability and shine to make the best products. It brings a traditional beauty with long shiny hair but also has very modern beauty that is both elegant and mysterious.
  • More specifically, the quality compared to virgin is not too much different, but compared to the price, it is definitely much more reasonable. Because long remy hair extensions are collected from many sources, the quality of the hair may not be 100% of the original beauty, but it is undeniable that the hair extension products from long remy hair are still very good with surprisingly cheap prices.

Characteristics of long remy hair extension

Long remy hair extension has a lot of different genres so let’s find out:

Types of long remy hair extension

This is a very popular hairstyle in hair extension market and is loved for its convenience:

  • Long remy sewn in hair extension: is a hairstyle made from remy hair then divided into small bundles and sewn in place at the hairline. When used for customers, hairdressers will use each layer to attach to the customer’s hairline. Long remy sewn in hair extensions is the most popular of its kind because of its thinness, softness and long-lasting use without causing any heaviness or inconvenience to your hair. When using this type of hair, your hair will naturally lengthen and you can create any style because the remy hair is suitable to be able to withstand the impact.
  • Long remy clip in hair extension: This type is known for its convenience, speed, and especially, it can be reused many times. When using a long remy clip in hair extension, if the first time you have to ask a professional, then surely the second time you will be able to do it by yourself because its usage is extremely simple. You just put it on the part of your hair you want and it becomes your hair.

You can style and bleach your hair if you want

This is definitely something that everyone likes when having beautiful long hair is being able to style their hair or even dye it brilliantly.

  • With the premise of remy hair, it can completely be made into any style you want, from wavy to small curls without worrying about hair being damaged or broken. This is also a prominent feature of long remy hair extensions.
  • And for those who love color and like to have really special and eye-catching hair, don’t worry because long remy hair extensions can withstand the effects of chemicals as well as dyes or even bleach. And if you have a passion for light colors and need to bleach many times, you should take the time to take care of long remy hair extensions so that you can use it as long as possible with the hair you have spent money to get. Moreover, if you know how to take good care of long remy hair extensions, it can keep its beauty longer than expected, so you won’t have to spend too much money for the next hair extensions.

Above are some of long remy hair extension’s characteristics. You will definitely have the beauty that you have not had for a long time because this hair will bring a very new feeling, but very special. Try it out to find out where your hidden beauty is.

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