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How strongly has the hair extension market grown in the world

If you are oriented to participate in the hair extension market then surely this article will help you in the process of learning about this market. Here is some information about the development of the hair extension market.


hair extension market

Where does the hair extension market come from?

Hair extension market is one of the dominant markets today, are you curious where it comes from?

The needs of hair extension market

Surely one of the first reasons is the demand of customers for hair extension market:

  • Hair for everyone is very important and when society is developing and people’s life is gradually improving, that’s when the demand for hair extensions increases. Customers have a need for beauty, but their real hair is not qualified, so the hair extension market was born to satisfy this need.
  • With the desire to become more beautiful with great hair, the hair extension market has been providing customers with products that are even more beautiful than expected and so the heat of this market has never been reduced.

Hair extension market get great profit

It is not surprising that this market can be very beneficial because of its attractiveness in the world today:

  • Understanding the psychology of customers, the hair extension market is growing and creating more beautiful types with higher quality and from there, the benefits from this field are also gradually larger. The hair extension market has been growing to become an indispensable part of life and the benefits it brings have also helped many people earn a part of their income from this field.
  • With a large income, the hair extension market will upgrade its production system and improve its production level so that the price of the product will also increase. For such a high rise, the huge benefits that the hair extensions market brings is undisputed.

The supplies of hair extension market

With such a large market, supply is extremely important


the origin of hair extension market

Vietnamese hair extension market

Famous for its high quality hair, let’s find out what Vietnamese hair market has to offer:

  • High product quality has always been a trademark of Vietnamese people. For the products of the hair extension market, manufacturers select the highest quality materials with high strength and durability. Usually, Vietnamese people’s hair is smooth and shiny long black hair, so it doesn’t take too much time and energy in the production of the product.
  • The supply of hair extensions in Vietnam comes from the women in the northern mountains because there are still traditions like growing long hair and they never use any chemicals on their hair. This is also the reason why their hair quality is always at a very high level.
  • Affordable price is also one of the things that make customers choose the hair extension market in Vietnam as the main purchasing place. Because of the local supply and high quality of raw materials, Vietnamese hair extensions have a very reasonable price for all buyers.

Chinese hair extension market

The Chinese market is also one of the strongest hair extension in the world:

  • The hair extension market in China used to have a huge supply because Chinese women have traditionally grown long hair and it became easy to buy. But later on, when the society is more developed along with the superior economy, China’s supply becomes meager and not enough for production, so China has to import raw materials from other countries. others like India or Pakistan,…
  • However, the hair extension market in China is still very developed thanks to modern and professional production lines that can handle hair substances no matter how difficult.
  • The price of the Chinese hair extension market is quite high partly because this market has to import raw materials as well as processing raw hair which takes a lot of time and effort.

India hair extension market

This market is a potential hair extension market:


hair extension market

  • Abundant supply is an advantage of this hair extension market. The hair of the Indian hair extensions market comes from two main sources: temple hair and non remy hair. Because India is religious, so it worships the gods very much, so there are often holidays if you want to ask for something, you will cut your hair and offer it to the god. The people here have taken advantage of that hair to process and produce good quality hair extensions. Some people compare Vietnamese and Indian hair, then conlude that Vietnamese hair is better in quality.
  • Because there is an abundant labor source but the labor cost is extremely cheap, India often produces a large number of hair extensions but the quality is not so excellent.
  • In this hair extension market, it can also be seen that the price of the products is much cheaper than other hair extensions markets because the source of raw materials is many, but the quality is not equivalent and the production technology is still limited, resulting in often much cheaper prices.

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