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Vietnam cinnamon price is considered to be reasonable for consumers

You may learn more about how Vietnam cinnamon price varies on the trade market by reading the article that follows. Due to differences in both production costs and quality, different brands of Vietnamese cinnamon will have varied pricing ranges. The page also provides a list of reliable sources for Vietnamese cinnamon cost information.

1. Market performance of Vietnam cinnamon price

Since the beginning of this year, there has been some fluctuation in Vietnam cinnamon prices for export and retail. Let’s quickly review them from the present to the past.

1.1 A four-year analysis of the domestic Vietnam cinnamon price

The price of Vietnam cinnamon has varied significantly from year to year. Here is the background for anyone who is interested in this change.

Vietnamese cinnamon market performance and price circumstances
Year 2019 2020 2021 2022
Domestic Vietnam cinnamon price ( MT ) $1980 $3000 $2200 $2870


  • Overall, Vietnamese cinnamon prices are reasonable given customers’ disposable means. As a direct result of the Covid pandemic, as shown by the figures above, the price of Vietnamese cinnamon decreased by $800/MT between 2020 and 2021. But after waiting for almost a year, the Vietnamese cinnamon market has now increased at a rate of almost $700/MT to keep up with the domestic market’s booming demand.
  • Vietnamese wholesalers are permitted to buy native cinnamon at a discount so they can use it to make spices, essential oils, and pharmaceuticals. In conclusion, local Vietnamese cinnamon pricing are fair and supports the growth of the country’s agricultural industry.

1.2. An examination of the cost of Vietnamese cinnamon, a spice that is widely used throughout the world.

The annual export price of Vietnamese cinnamon changes to some extent due to a variety of factors.

Year 2019 2020 2021 2022
Exported Vietnam cinnamon price ( MT ) $4500 $5700 $4710 $5500
  • In 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, the average price of Vietnamese cinnamon will be $4500, $5700, $4710, and $5500 (MT), respectively. As we approach 2020, it becomes clear that rising domestic demand increased the cost of Vietnam cinnamon, pushing up the price by almost 30% to more than $1,200/MT during this time. As a result, when supplies ran out, the price of exported Vietnam cinnamon skyrocketed.
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  • However, by 2021 the pandemic had reached a critical stage, causing a protracted delay in all transportation, and the price of Vietnamese cinnamon had sharply fallen by about $1,000/MT. As a result, Vietnam’s suppliers reduced their prices in order to quickly sell off the remaining stock. Vietnam cinnamon prices have grown by over $800/MT as of 2022, which is a sign that the market is starting to rebound. This demonstrates that a large number of foreign buyers can pay the price of Vietnamese cinnamon.

2. Examining the elements that affect Vietnam cinnamon price

Vietnam cinnamon price is affected by a number of variables, some of which are beyond the vendors’ or purchasers’ control.

  • The Covid 19 outbreak has both positive and unfavourable effects on the price of Vietnamese cinnamon. It is advantageous that there is a high demand for Vietnamese cinnamon during the cholera pandemic since it is used to fumigate and clean homes. The drawback is those export and transportation units must wait for an extended amount of time, which causes orders to be stored, lowers quality, compels suppliers to sell at a loss, and drives down the price of Vietnamese cinnamon.
  • Vietnamese vendors are able to meet demand since Vietnam’s moderate and pleasant climate is perfect for the growth and production of cinnamon. Because there are an equal number of supplements and demand, the price of Vietnamese cinnamon is consistently stable.
  • Depending on the quality, Vietnam cinnamon prices will vary from product to product: By offering solutions with desirable qualities, suppliers will produce goods that meet the expectations of their clients. Any product will cost more than one with a lower proportion if it contains more essential oils in its formulation.
  • Cost-cutting measures and import-export regulations adopted by the government Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers are able to sell their goods because the government has effective and practical policies in place to promote economic growth. As a result, the price of Vietnamese cinnamon in international markets is affordable.

3. Viet Agri Wholesale offer a reasonable Vietnam cinnamon price

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