Chuyên trang tổng hợp tin tức cây cảnh Việt

The greatest Vietnamese hair supplier has a fascinating tale to tell

For almost two decades, Queen Hair has been a well-known Vietnamese hair supplier, producing and selling hair to different hair wholesalers throughout the globe.

The beginnings of Queen Hair

Ms Jessica was inspired to make a difference as a first-generation college student from an agricultural background. She had always hoped that after graduating from a top university, she would be able to give back to society and provide chances not just for herself, but also for others living in rural regions. She tracked out merchants in Vietnam’s rugged north-east and discovered a little-known industry: the human hair trade. She was startled by the possibilities she saw in the flowing, lustrous black hair of healthy ethnic ladies. Ms Jessica launched a small scale hair factory in 2000 after years of accumulating money, studying hair production technologies, and planning.


The beginnings of Queen Hair

Ms Jessica was able to acquire larger orders locally and even overseas after multiple attempts and failures. With a long-term goal in mind, Ms Jessica transitioned the factory into its own distributor in 2002 and published the website of Queen Hair. Queen Hair never lost sight of its essential ideals, even in such a competitive industry. Regardless of how other manufacturers get away with malpractice, Queen Hair pledges to consistently serve consumers with the greatest hair products that are ethically made.

According to Queen Hair, each woman is beautiful and royal in her own way. That’s why we’re here: to offer you a hair makeover so you can feel more confident, since every woman deserves to feel like a queen. At Queen Hair, we regard to every client as a Queen, and we treat them as such by providing the greatest hair and customer service possible. Queen Hair, which is composed entirely of actual hair, might make you feel like the most gorgeous version of yourself right now.

The mission and vision of Queen Hair

With the motto “Discover your inner queen,” Queen Hair has always focused on the customer and made it the company’s goal to expand.

The vision of Queen Hair

Queen Hair has become one of the top Vietnamese hair suppliers after twenty years of selling and developing Vietnamese hair for different countries across the world.


Vision of Queen Hair

Furthermore, we are always looking for new methods to improve the quality and appeal of our goods.

The mission of Queen Hair

Our goal is to encourage all women to believe in themselves and their own beauty. As a Vietnamese hair supplier, our mission is to assist women in discovering their inner Queens by enhancing their natural beauty with a variety of creative hairstyles.


Mission of Queen Hair

Women’s hair, we feel, is the most natural and exciting method for them to express themselves.

Women will shine like Queens when they feel comfortable and satisfied in their own skin.

Our clients get high-quality, low-cost goods. When it comes to product development, we always prioritize “quality above quantity.” Every hair extension product we provide is meticulously handcrafted, and we strive to enhance the quality of our hair every day.

The service of Queen Hair

Thanks to a competent sales team with at least two years of experience, Queen Hair is confident in giving the best and most professional customer care to our customers all over the world.


Services of Queen Hair

Customers will get assistance on how to build their business from Queen Hair’s team of hair specialists. We provide a variety of solutions to match your company’s requirements, including start-up packages, continuing business packages, small business packages, and large enterprise packages. You may also just email me your budget, and we’ll provide you with recommendations for the best options for your business.

Queen Hair’s target consumers are located all over the globe, with the goal of bringing Vietnamese hair to our clients on a global scale. They also have a number of hair specialists on staff to assist customers with any issues they may have with our company. We strive to deliver the greatest hair extensions and customer service in the hair industry, ensuring that our customers are entirely delighted with their purchases.

The cost of Queen Hair

Hair wholesalers benefit from our low prices on Vietnamese human hair. In addition, we provide hair wholesalers with a pricing assistance program to aid them in getting the greatest deal on our products; the discount runs from $200 to $300 for wholesale purchases. When compared to other suppliers, Queen Hair Factory is relatively inexpensive for the high-quality it provides. You can always count on Queen Hair to provide hair that is free of synthetic fibers, knots, and shed.


Price list of Queen Hair factory

Please contact us at the following address for a factory price:

Queen Hair is the greatest alternative for building your business with a crew of hair specialists and high-quality merchandise if you’re seeking for a top Vietnamese hair supplier to deal with. To obtain the finest wholesale rates and guidance for your organization, contact our hair specialists right now.