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When it comes to wholesale coffee suppliers, K-Agriculture comes to mind

Wholesale coffee suppliers may be found all around the world these days. They provide a substantial contribution to the wholesale coffee bean sector by boosting, optimizing, and connecting producers and wholesale purchasers.

The basic overview of wholesale coffee suppliers

  • Definition of wholesale coffee suppliers: Wholesale coffee suppliers are considered intermediary companies that distribute coffee from producers to individuals or enterprises who want to buy coffee in bulk in their distribution channels.
  • Roles of wholesale coffee suppliers: Because wholesale coffee suppliers have such a wide supply and demand network, they are typically able to swiftly comprehend supply and demand information and are particularly informed about domestic and international coffee markets. Wholesale coffee suppliers can then give you the most accurate information on the coffee market, which is particularly important for new customers and which wholesalers may not be able to provide.

Popular types of coffee that wholesale coffee suppliers often provide

Coffee suppliers provide a variety of products from green coffee beans, roasted coffee, instant coffee, etc. But most wholesale coffee suppliers will often focus on providing two main types of coffee: green coffee and roasted coffee.

Green coffee

Major coffee-growing regions such as Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia supply 95 percent of green coffee beans. The remaining 5% is sourced from other trading nations, most notably Singapore. On the global market, the wholesale price of green coffee beans is standardized, with two primary types: Arabica and Robusta. In the last three market years, wholesale prices for both varieties of coffee have risen steadily. Arabica green coffee, in an instance, is usually twice as expensive as Robusta coffee.


Roast coffee

Suppliers in Europe, such as Switzerland and Germany, usually supply roasted coffee. Each country’s coffee consumption requirements are distinct, and many countries have developed long-standing coffee culture. In addition, the shift from tea to coffee has resulted in a large increase in wholesale roasted coffee beans consumption on a daily basis. Because of this, the wholesale price of roasted coffee rises, depending on the variety of coffee and roasting procedure.


Ways to approach wholesale coffee suppliers

Internet assistance: Finding information is now easier than ever before thanks to the Internet. You may identify dependable wholesale coffee suppliers by searching Google or looking up their names on large e-commerce platforms like Alibaba or social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Companies that act as intermediaries: You can engage an intermediary service for new wholesale buyers. These are market-savvy intermediates with a dependable and consistent supply. However, because you must pay the intermediate company, the price will be slightly more.

International trade fairs: For long-term purchasers, international trade fairs are a great way to meet and interact with wholesale coffee suppliers. The world agricultural exposition, however, was unable to take place because of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Top famous wholesale coffee suppliers

Here are the top three dependable wholesale coffee suppliers that many coffee dealers highly recommend.

Kaldi Gourmet Coffee Roasters

Kaldi Gourmet Coffee Roasters is one of the most famous leading wholesale coffee suppliers in the world. Established in 1995, Kaldi offers customers the finest Arabica coffee beans at competitive prices. Besides the strength in roasted coffee, Kaldi also expands and offers a wider range of products such as green coffee, coffee syrup, instant coffee, or coffee machines to the international market.


Contact information

WhatsApp: +84 855 555 837

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory is one of the wholesale coffee suppliers empowered by the Vietnamese government. Therefore, from 1996 until now, K-Agriculture Factory has always held a pioneering position in bringing high-quality Vietnamese agricultural products to the international market. With 25 years of experience in coffee exports, K-Agriculture has received many certificates like Vietpresso 2019, ISO 9001:2015, HACP CODE:2003.

Currently, K-Agriculture offers a wide range of wholesale coffee products that are carefully selected and processed from famous growing regions in Vietnam such as:

  • Specialty Arabica Quang Tri
  • Arabica Lam Dong – Commercial
  • Arabica Honey Coffee
  • Arabica Lac Duong Coffee
  • Arabica Dalat – Cau Dat
  • Robusta Lam Dong Honey


Contact information



WhatsApp: +84 855555837


Java Bean Plus

One of the other wholesale coffee suppliers that have to be mentioned is Java Bean Plus. These leading American wholesale coffee products offer high-quality coffee with a commitment to satisfy all customers. Now, they have served over 2,000 customers across the US in particular.


Contact information

WhatsApp: +84 855555837