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Updated information about cinnamon wholesale price

Knowing precise and up-to-date ranges of wholesale cinnamon is a must for any merchant aiming to harvest huge amounts of profits from this field.

Cinnamon wholesale price in recent years

The chart below is the cinnamon wholesale price globally recently. In general, the wholesale price of cinnamon is stable from July to December in spite of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. That fact guarantees the stability of this market, proving it a promising and safe field to invest in.


Brief history of cinnamon

Cinnamon wholesale price in top exporters

There are 3 countries worth noticing.


The table below shows the prices of some most popular cinnamon varieties in Vietnam.

Types USD/ton
Tube cinnamon skin A 5217-6522
Tube cinnamon skin B 4173-5217
Tube cinnamon skin C 3478-4348
Tube cinnamon without skin A 5567-6959
Tube cinnamon without skin B 4861-6077
Stick cinnamon 3930-4913
Cigarette cinnamon 4173-5217
Split cinnamon 2260-2826
Broken cinnamon 1565-1957
Cinnamon powder 5217-6522

Compared to two other countries, the Vietnamese cinnamon price range is more affordable, along with various types of cinnamon products. Therefore, top quality Vietnamese cinnamon is always a sought-after product in the market.


In 2021, the price of cinnamon in Indonesia witnessed some great fluctuations in the course of 6 months from July to December. That is the main reason why it is not easy to predict the cinnamon price in the near future, especially when the pandemic is still devastating the country.

Sri Lanka

The average price is almost 3 times more than that’s the Cassia variety. Despite this “seemingly” extravagant price, Ceylon cinnamon is still a key product in Mexico and many European areas due to its lighter and woodier taste.

Cinnamon wholesale price: recommended suppliers

The list below would be really helpful if you are struggling with finding reliable cinnamon exporters.


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