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Top 5 trustworthy suppliers of Vietnamese cinnamon

Vietnam is an ideal destination for trading cinnamon. Therefore, many international buyers want to find trustworthy suppliers of Vietnamese cinnamon. This article below will provide a top list of Vietnamese cinnamon providers.

Top 5 reliable suppliers of Vietnamese cinnamon



To save your time, this section will provide top 5 reliable suppliers of Vietnamese cinnamon. This evaluation is based on the price, the distribution and the experience of each company. 

K-Agriculture Factory

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K-Agriculture Factory



K – Agriculture Factory, a subsidiary of K-Global, is one of the leading suppliers of Vietnamese cinnamon. K-Agriculture Factory is dedicated to supplying the highest-quality items at the most competitive costs, with the strong support of Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade and a long history of 25-year development. Another benefit of this organization is its location, which is close to raw material suppliers.


Number: +84855 555 837 (Whatsapp Available)






Vsimex, a division of the NIC Group, has been the top supplier of cinnamon from Vietnam since 2002. Aside from its long history, this organization has a vast network that spans over 70 countries and several certifications. Visimex’s greatest benefit is its availability in Vietnamese cinnamon centers like Yen Bai, Binh Duong, and Bac Giang. As a result, this company can provide a diverse selection of items as well as a huge overall output.




Hafimex, a prominent trader and producer of food and seasonings in Vietnam, including cinnamon, was founded in 2003. With 500 hectares of organic cassia, Hanfimex, which is based in Yen Bai, Vietnam’s cinnamon capital, has one of the most significant advantages over its competitors. From 2013 to 2020, this Vietnamese cinnamon company achieved a number of milestones in the spice industry.




Hagimex began as an agricultural commodities exporter in 2015 and has since grown to become the biggest maker of canned goods and spices, including cinnamon. From its inception to the present, Hagimex’s network has grown to include 40 nations throughout the world. This Vietnamese cinnamon firm always ensures a high-quality product at a competitive cost.




Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a relatively new cinnamon firm based in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital. Despite the fact that this company is new, its executive board is made up of seasoned agriculture experts. This Vietnamese cinnamon provider has a large selection of cinnamon goods to offer. They’ve been exporting cinnamon to a variety of countries, including South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, and the Middle East, up until now.

Criteria to evaluate trustworthy suppliers of Vietnamese cinnamon



How to detect the credibility of one cinnamon company? This section will provide helpful tips to help you recognize the reliable Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers.

Certifications – sign of reliable Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers

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USDA Certification



When it comes to finding Vietnamese cinnamon providers, the number of certificates says a lot, especially if you’re seeking from afar. Remember, though, that both quantity and quality play a role in finding a reputable cinnamon source. The USDA and Organic Certificate are examples of common certificates that you should check first. 

Customer feedbacks – sign of reliable Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers



Like the prior signals, the quantity and quality of user feedback aid in assessing the trustworthiness of Vietnamese cinnamon providers. Furthermore, this feedback might help you locate new consumers for your business. Examine the site or the sources closely to avoid untrustworthy remarks or feedback from this company.

Previous history – sign of reliable Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers



A comprehensive examination of the providers of Vietnamese cinnamon may give you more information to do a comprehensive examination of the Vietnamese cinnamon industry. The validity of these activity records may be verified by using a variety of media and channels.

Criteria to evaluate SCAM suppliers of Vietnamese cinnamon



How to know whether you are frauded or not? Let’s discover the signs to realize SCAM providers of cinnamon from Vietnam.

Price – sign of SCAM Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers



Cinnamon is a year-round product, and it is collected in two primary seasons in Vietnam: spring and autumn. The price may fluctuate at that moment. You should consider any cinnamon providers that underpay or overpay compared to the market pricing.

Payment date – sign of SCAM Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers



Many reputable Vietnamese cinnamon producers have a predetermined payment schedule. As a consequence, any cinnamon supplier who asks you to pay before the deal’s timeframe should be avoided.

Profile – sign of SCAM Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers

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Important components in the website



The lack of vital information is a common example of an unclear profile. The essential components of a website are workflow, certifications, and contact. If you want to prevent fraud cinnamon providers, take this into consideration.

In a nutshell, this article has offered a list of reputable Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers as well as tips on how to spot them. Hopefully, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, you’ll find this article useful.