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The wholesale price of cinnamon stick suppliers

Many cinnamon dealers, particularly those in the B2B sector, are most interested in the wholesale pricing of items. It’s even more crucial to popular items like cinnamon sticks. In the next article, we’ll look at the wholesale pricing of cinnamon stick suppliers.

An overview of cinnamon stick suppliers

Before getting to know the wholesale price of cinnamon stick suppliers, you need to understand the definition of their products and the main responsibilities of them. This section below will help you do it.

Definition of cinnamon sticks

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The definition of cinnamon sticks

  • Almost all types of cinnamon sticks are a high-segment product commodity, hence their price is higher than other cinnamon products. Cinnamon sticks, as the name suggests, have a stick-like appearance.
  • According to SPEC, cinnamon sticks are curved and tiny, measuring approximately two inches in diameter and fifteen to twenty centimeters long, according to SPEC.
  • Furthermore, depending on the needs of the customer, the length of cinnamon sticks can range from 30 to 45 centimeters. Cinnamon stick suppliers that can satisfy all of the customer’s needs will be given a better rating.

The main jobs of cinnamon stick suppliers

Cinnamon stick suppliers contribute to the supplying process for other partners. In many situations, suppliers of cinnamon sticks can be exporters, importers or manufacturers at the same time.

The wholesale price of cinnamon stick suppliers

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The wholesale price of cinnamon stick suppliers

  • As per FAOSTAT, Indonesia, China, and Vietnam produced 91,242 tonnes, 72,531 tonnes, and 31,429 tonnes of cinnamon, respectively, in 2020. These countries, on average, have the greatest number of cinnamon sticks and, in particular, Cassia cinnamon sticks. There are also many cinnamon stick suppliers concentrated in these three countries.
  • In general, these nations are in the same price range. According to the updated prices of the main mobile electronic commerce platforms, it varies from around $5.2 to $6.5 per kilogram FOB, depending on the quality of items.

Factors impacting the wholesale price of cinnamon stick suppliers

There are various factors affecting the wholesale price of cinnamon stick suppliers. However, to save your time, this section will focus on three main elements heavily influencing cinnamon stick suppliers’ wholesale prices.

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Three main factors impacting the wholesale price of cinnamon stick suppliers

Supply factors impacting the wholesale price of cinnamon stick suppliers

The overall output of cinnamon in 2020 was 222,122 tonnes, including Indonesia, Vietnam, and China, contributing to more than two-thirds of the global total. Many speculative analyses indicate that it will reach 0.25 million tonnes by 2026, with a CAGR of 2.2 percent during the projected period of 2021–2026. Cinnamon stick suppliers’ wholesale prices tend to climb dramatically. This is because, despite a large supply, cinnamon demand is expected to outstrip complex global supply development by 8–12% in 2021, as per the FAO report.

Demand factors impacting the wholesale price of cinnamon stick suppliers

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for cinnamon sticks. As per the latest report by TrendEconomy, global cinnamon exports increased rapidly between 2019 and 2020, rising from $573 million to $1.02 billion. Because of the demand-supply mismatch, the wholesale prices of cinnamon stick suppliers are likely to rise considerably in the future.

Government policies impacting the wholesale price of cinnamon stick suppliers

The wholesale price of cinnamon stick suppliers is mostly influenced by government regulations. Tariff barriers, logistics fees, and taxation are only a few examples. Export tax advantages are more generous in countries with stable governments, thriving economies, and involvement in international accords. Vietnam is a case in point. Because of the elimination of 99 percent tariffs on shipments between Vietnam and European nations, the price of cinnamon sticks from Vietnam is relatively low and excellent.This is a consequence of big agreements like the EAVFT.

In a nutshell, this article has provided the latest figures about the wholesale price of cinnamon sticks suppliers. If you are looking for a reliable provider of cinnamon sticks, K-Agriculture Factory – a company from Vietnam, is an ideal choice. Here is the contact of this company.

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