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The detailest comparison between Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair

This article’s comparison of Vietnamese and Indian hair can assist you in selecting the finest hair in your wholesale hair company. Choose wisely, though, so that your firm can stay economically sustainable in the long run, rather than just for a few months.

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair comparison

Many wholesale hair suppliers in the hair business choose Vietnamese hair over Indian hair. In each nation, we may discover various wholesale hair sellers that provide Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair. So, how does Vietnamese hair vary from Indian hair


Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair comparison

Price comparison between Vietnamese and Indian hair

Indian hair is the lowest hair on the market, with prices beginning at 3-4 USD each bundle, thus it’s no surprise that Indian hair is less expensive than Vietnamese hair (starting at 8 USD per bundle).

  • The reason behind this is because the manner Indian hair is obtained differs significantly from the way Vietnamese hair is gathered. Indian hair will be acquired from temples where Indians willingly sacrifice their hair to the gods in return for good luck, after which the hair will be gathered and sold for hair manufacturers in India by the temple administrator. As a result, temple authorities may sell plentiful hair at affordable costs to hair companies in India.


    Price comparison between Vietnamese vs Indian hair

  • Vietnamese hair is collected in a totally different way than Indian hair. There is a region in Vietnam where individuals grow their hair for the purpose of selling it to Vietnamese industries. As a result, Vietnamese firms are unable to acquire in bulk and must purchase from hair farmers in order to sell, resulting in a higher Vietnamese hair pricing when compared to Indian hair.

Compare the quality of Vietnamese and Indian hair

When comparing the costs of Vietnamese and Indian hair, as previously said, Indian hair would be less expensive. When purchasing hair products, however, you should not be overly influenced by price. So, if the quality of their hair is similar or not.

  • The method Vietnamese hair is collected differs from how Indian hair is collected

The first is to discuss how hair is collected; since the methods of collecting hair varies between Vietnamese and Indian hair, the quality of the hair will, of course, vary greatly. Because Indian hair is mostly gathered from monks at temples, the angle and quality of the hair sold here cannot be guaranteed. As a result, the bulk of remy Indian hair, as it was derived from a variety of hair donors.


The method Vietnamese hair is collected differs from how Indian hair is collected

Vietnamese hair, unlike Indian hair, is obtained from villages where women grow their hair for sale. These villagers have a contract with the Vietnamese hair manufacturer that their hair will be supplied at regular intervals. When their hair is long enough, they can cut it and bundle it into bundles, then gather hair from the whole community to sell to Vietnamese hair manufacturers. Because they have a contract with a Vietnamese hair manufacturer, the quality of the hair must exceed each manufacturer’s criteria before it can be sold, thus they will need to live a decent lifestyle in order for their hair to be of excellent quality. As a result, Vietnamese hair would be of higher quality, with the majority of it being virgin hair.

  • The differences Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair

In terms of hair origin, Indian hair is pretty thin, curly, and weak. Vietnamese hair is naturally thick, curly, and strong. As a result, when the manufacturers gather Indian hair, it will be subjected to a mechanical treatment to make it straighter and thicker. As a result, Indian hair which has been treated to a heat will have a lower quality and will have a worse quality when styled.


The differences Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair

Vietnamese hair companies will not need to apply chemical treatments to gather Vietnamese hair since the real hair of Vietnamese women is inherently straight, thick, and strong. When comparing Vietnamese hair to Indian hair, it makes Vietnamese hair seem superior.

We can tell the difference in hair quality comparing Vietnamese and Indian hair by looking at the two qualities we discussed before. We can observe that Vietnamese hair will be much superior than Indian hair in terms of quality. When comparing Vietnamese hair to Indian hair, this is also why the value of Vietnamese hair would be greater.

Vietnamese hair differs from Indian hair in terms of product

The range of items available is a significant benefit that may help you improve the number of people who purchase your goods. So, what’s the difference between Vietnamese and Indian hair in terms of diversity.


Vietnamese hair differs from Indian hair in terms of product

  • On social media, you may discover a broad range of hairstyles, colors, and length from Vietnamese hair vendors. Customers may also pick their own hairdo and color in Vietnamese hair manufacturers. Customers who purchase Vietnamese hair will be able to construct their own hairstyles under their own brand. As previously said, Vietnamese hair is easy to style since the natural hair is incredibly excellent and does not have to be treated before styling.
  • Indian hair, on the other hand, is unique in that it will be confined to a few hairstyles. The reason behind this is because in order to construct a hairstyle, you must first have straight hair, while Indian hair is curly. As a result, when it’s gathered, it’ll have to go through a pre-treatment phase to straighten the hair before it can be styled. Indian hair, which was already fragile after style, gets much weaker as a result of this. As a result, coming up with a new hairdo is challenging.

Following an examination of the differences between Vietnamese and Indian hair. We came to the conclusion that Indian hair would be the best option for your company if you are looking for short-term economic advantages and don’t care too much about hair quality. On the contrary, to provide a consistent and high-quality supply. Vietnamese hair will be the finest match for your company in terms of determining the source of items and improving the percentage of consumers returning to purchase from you.

Aspects to consider while deciding between Vietnamese and Indian hair

We obviously realize the difference between Vietnamese and Indian hair from the comparison above. However, knowing which hair to use for business will rely on your specific needs and budget.

Determine if you want Vietnamese or Indian hair depending on your needs

You may select between Vietnamese hair and Indian hair depending on your company needs. As a result, before deciding on a nation to import hair, hair dealers must first establish a particular business goal.


Determine if you want Vietnamese or Indian hair depending on your needs

  • Indian hair should be the primary option for whole hair suppliers who wish to import inexpensive hair and don’t care about hair quality. Because Indian hair is the least expensive option, and the quality of the hair is likewise ordinary. However, you should do thorough research to determine if the majority of your clients want high-quality hair; if so, Indian hair should be avoided.
  • Vietnamese hair is ideal for people looking for high-quality hair at a reasonable price. Vietnamese hair is often preferred by a large number of clients in a variety of nations, particularly in Nigeria. Furthermore, the variety of hair in Vietnam is a bright area for wholesale hair merchants looking to expand their consumer base. Furthermore, thanks to the Vietnamese government’s export assistance, items will be exported more easily between Vietnam and other nations. Your supply of commodities will become more steady as a result.

Choose Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair based on price

When importing items from any hair manufacturer, the price is the most important thing to consider. As a result, if you want to pick a hair type depending on your budget, you’ll have a lot of alternatives from both Indian and Vietnamese hair.


Choose Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair based on price

  • If you’re on a tight budget, consider purchasing Indian hair in wholesale or Vietnamese hair in smaller quantities. Before settling on any of these, do some research on the product consumption tendencies of the customers in your area. Indian hair is the best option for those who like low-cost items and are unconcerned about quality. You should pick Vietnamese hair if they choose high-quality items at a reasonable price.
  • If you have a high budget, Vietnamese hair will be an excellent option due to the wide range of treatments available and the fact that the hair is processed for a longer period of time than Indian hair. That means that, although Vietnamese hair is more expensive than Indian hair, the longer you use it, the greater your financial rewards will be.

Despite the fact that Vietnamese hair is more expensive than hair from other nations, hair extensions providers in Vietnam are permitted to place modest trial orders, starting at three bundles, to enable consumers to test the quality. Queen Hair factory is one of the best Vietnamese hair factory in Vietnam, you can refer for your business.