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The detailed rendering process of The Luce Del Sole project

For articles about products, we will give very interesting information in the article below about The Luce Del Sole product.

Basic introduction of the rendering product The Luce Del Sole

For the houses with the prevailing contemporary style, it is the forte and the main style that K-Render is aiming for. We will focus on forms such as style, color and interior in the illustrations. How to make them become the most realistic and beautiful.

According to the opinions of customers, we have had lively and successful conversations and discussions. Since then, we have tried to pay attention and create The Luce Del Sole – a customer-specific visualization.

The Luce Del Sole’s detailed rendering process

In this section, we’ll introduce you to the key factors that make every K-Render project a success. Especially for the project The Luce Del Sole this time.

How to use light for The Luce Del Sole project

Firstly, light is an important factor. Light will help you as well as the viewer can feel the entire space inside as well as outside of the room.

Light is divided into two types: natural light and artificial light

  • First of all, natural light will have an advantage over artificial light. Since these are renderings that need to show really sharp realism, we always wanted to bring as much natural light into the picture as possible. Because from here, customers can see many corners in the room or directly observe the highlights in that space.
  • Next, artificial light will also have many advantages if you know how to apply it in the visualization for this project The Luce Del Sole. More specifically, artificial light will reduce the glare of color tones. Artificial light is something you can create for a longer time. However it also has artificial lighting that in the right room, it can bring elegance and coziness to that space.

Selection of materials for The Luce Del Sole interior project

Choosing the right materials for an interior project is extremely important. Because when viewers as well as customers look at an illustrated product, they will feel from the materials used here. From there, they will be able to rate your work as a critic. If you can satisfy your customers with the material choices that will be used in this project, The Luce Del Sole, you will gain the trust and peace of mind from your customers. .

The materials that K-Render used in this project The Luce Del Sole are still mainly wood, brick and stone. With deep and quiet tones, we have used many materials such as glossy brick or carefully painted artificial wood. In addition, in order to make the material more glossy and realistic, our production team used professional rendering software along with the skills and level of image analysis to be able to make the picture more beautiful.

Using the right photography angle for The Luce Del Sole project

And the last factor is using the photography angle for your room or project.

Specifically, in this project The Luce Del Sole, we used shooting angles suitable for the area as well as the customer’s wishes for the project. Therefore, we have tried our best to provide our customers and viewers with realistic and beautiful renderings.

In rendering, if the angle of the picture is too far or too close, it will affect the quality of the final rendered product. Therefore, the last important step is that we must focus and complete the remaining stages in the rendering process of The Luce Del Sole project.


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