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Spotting biggest Vietnam coffee export company

According to statistics from the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Trade at the end of 2021, Trung Nguyen Legend, K-Agriculture and Vina Cafe were the top 3 biggest Vietnam coffee export company in the decade.

Details about top 3 biggest Vietnam coffee export company

Each company has their own competitive features, which will be put on the table in this part.

Trung Nguyen Legend

This is a familiar Vietnam coffee export company to every Vietnamese and foreign customer. Trung Nguyen is most famous for exporting instant coffee products. The product range is really diverse, from milk coffee, black iced coffee to cappuccino coffee.


Trung Nguyen Legend

It is really easy to check the quality of Trung Nguyen Legend’s coffee. There are hundreds of Trung Nguyen cafeterias in almost every province in Vietnam for traders to enjoy the coffee. Even if you do not have a chance to come to Vietnam, you can find instant coffee from this company in the supermarket racks all over the world or on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Alibaba. 


This is the best option for you if you are looking for a Vietnamese organic wholesale coffee beans exporter. Being supported by the Vietnamese Ministry of Trade and Agriculture, K-Agriculture is guaranteed to give importers the most high-quality organic coffee products, namely Robusta and Arabica.

Due to the significant support of the government, the price of K-Agriculture’s products is more affordable than others while the quality remains the same.



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Vina Cafe

Roasted ground coffee is the key product of the company. The distinct coffee flavor of this Vietnam coffee export company lies on the ratio of Robusta and Arabica. 

Vina Cafe “pesters” its customers who have different tastes by releasing instant coffee with different ratio of Robusta and Arabica

Main products in a Vietnam coffee export company

The Vietnam coffee export company now focuses on exporting green coffee beans with Robusta and Arabica as two most popularly-traded types. Meanwhile, the proportion of processed coffee beans is quite humble, at around 12%.

Vietnam coffee export company: Huge developing potential

With abundant supply sources, expanding consumer markets, supportive government and affordable prices, Vietnamese coffee has experienced incredible development in this decade.

Abundant supply and Huge consumer market

Vietnam has become the second-largest coffee exporter over the last 3 years. To achieve that admirable rank and meet the global demand, every Vietnam coffee export company is expanding their production sites, amplifying the product quantity and improving the quality.

On average, more than 1 million tons of Vietnamese coffee was produced per market year, and is quite stable, little affected by weather changes and diseases. Therefore, Vietnam coffee export companies are able to provide large quantities of coffee at any time of the year. 


Abudant supply and Huge customer market

Supportive governmental policies

Vietnam is an agricultural country, which means the government budget will mostly pour into this field, especially for supporting Vietnam coffee export companies since coffee is the most famous product of the nation.

Hundreds of national policies and bilateral trade agreements have been put into action to reduce taxes and tariffs on coffee, helping it to easily penetrate into the market.

Competitive prices

The average wholesale coffee beans prices of Vietnam coffee export companies are usually 5% cheaper than the world market price. Therefore, big global importers always want to  work with the most reputable Vietnam coffee company to enjoy price incentives from them.


Competitive prices


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