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Spectacular 3D rendering products of Starlake exterior project

The 3D rendering images of the Starlake exterior project were made by experienced and highly skilled rendering artists from K-Render Studio. They are spectacular and have met all the qualifications from clients.

The design idea of ​​Starlake exterior

The exterior space of Starlake has a design towards the experience of the people living in the house. The garden area is where family members can rest or gather with friends. This can be a peaceful little corner for each member.


There are many types of tree that K-Render need to render

Starlake exterior is designed with the criteria of being close to nature. Many different types of plants will be in both the yard and the front of the house. Therefore, rendering artists need to pay attention to this point.

Because it is an exterior space, the architecture company wants K-Render Studio to use natural light to clarify the meaning of the design.

What made the rendering products of Starlake exterior stand out?

Understanding the design and requirements of this rendering project, rendering artists of K-Render Studio have successfully implemented the project thanks to the following points.


Light has a great influence on the emotions of the viewer when looking at the rendering images.

  • For the Starlake exterior project, like KDI building project, K-Render Studio has brought natural light into the renderings to make the exterior space shine. Also thanks to the natural light, the layout of the garden area is easily understood by the viewer.

Natural light and lamplight are both used in this rendering project

  • The light from the lamps at different angles is also an interesting feature that creates the harmony and realism of the rendered images. It helps the exterior space to bring a comfortable and pleasant feeling to the viewer – true to the design meaning of this space.


The complexity of the materials in the Starlake exterior project is made possible by the variety of trees. Rendering trees so realistically and in detail is something not every rendering artist can do.


This is where family members can take a rest and enjoy the air

Besides, other types of materials appearing in the exterior space are also diverse. K-Render rendering artists have carefully studied each material that appears and rendered them as close to reality as possible.

Camera angles

Choosing the correct camera angle so that the viewer can cover the entire space is the task of K-Render Studio. The images rendered from many different angles have created a variety of viewing angles for the viewer. This demonstrates the sophistication of rendering artists.

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What did our client say about K-Render Studio and the rendering products?

K-Render Studio was delighted to receive a detailed product rendering evaluation for this Starlake exterior project.


The exterior of Starlake has a quite big area

Customers are completely satisfied with the quality of the rendering product and the value it brings. The design details are clearly and subtly shown in each rendering. K-Render Studio’s workflow and support is also something that customers appreciate.