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Something you not know about architectural renders

Definition of architectural renders

Architectural renders is a name that refers to rendered products, which are graphical representations of a certain structure, or a house, or an object. It is even pictures of interior or exterior space.

Criteria for choosing realistic architectural renders

In this section, we will introduce the criteria you should pay attention to to be able to choose realistic architectural renders.

Based on the lighting of architectural renders

The first factor you should pay attention to is the light of those architectural renderings.


You can base on the lighting of architectural renders

  • Firstly, light is what makes the entire room or your architectural space achieve the most realistic. For natural light, rendering artists need to master the skills of using visualization software to adjust lighting in architectural renders, especially in rendering of a building.  More specifically, they have to do so that the light can highlight the furniture or the exterior of the structure.
  • Secondly, there is another type of light that is lamp and electric light. Rooms or structures with closed spaces will have to use a lot of light. As a result, visualizers or renderers will need to adjust the lighting inside these architectural renders to give the viewer a cozy atmosphere of light without being too bright or too dark.

Based on interior materials in architectural renders

The next factor is the use of interior materials in the renderings of the architecture itself.


Something you not know about architectural renders

  • Firstly, you should pay attention to the materials that will appear in your house or building. They will bring life to your home. It’s really important what materials you choose and where to arrange it. This will show off your own architectural style and differentiate your architectural renders from those of others.
  • Next, you should also focus on the choice of the main color or tone as well as the tones to highlight the main tone. In rendering, you should use the color of the wall as the dominant tone. If you like to use transparent glass walls, the materials, furniture or furniture inside the room should not use colors that are too dark or too picky and colorful. You should use nature-oriented materials and arrange many decorative items so that the house is not empty but also the space will be much more spacious.

To know more about How to make 3D house renderings, please read this blog: 

Based on the photography angle of the architectural renders

And the last important factor that you need to pay attention to is the angle of the pictures that illustrate your house or building.

You need to choose the right photo angles for the area of ​​the room. In addition, the image angle of architectural renders needs to highlight the space of that room, it needs to show the viewer the beauty of the room to be rendered.

Introducing the most impressive architectural renders

In this last part, we will introduce you to the most beautiful and impressive architectural renderings.

Medoo Studio – Top 1 most impressive architectural renders

Standing in the first place is the Medoo Studio project.


Top 1 most impressive architectural renders

This is an outdoor scene which was made by one of the best 3D rendering studios with an area of ​​​​over 20000 square meters. Built in 2012, nearly 10 years later, the buildings are still in the top of the most beautiful architectural renders in the world because of their minimalist design but still extremely delicate and luxurious. Prominent among the blue sky is the design of a glass house with extremely fancy yellow lights.

Nashville – Top 2 most impressive architectural renders

Next is Nashville with second place on this list.


Top 2 most impressive architectural renders

With a complex design imbued with modern architecture, Nashville is one of the leading architectural renders in such a large window design trend. This is a special animation product and is highly appreciated by experts.

Folding House – Top 3 most impressive architectural renderings.

In third place is the Folding house.


Top 3 most impressive architectural renders

Compared to other architectural renders, the color scheme in this rendering gives a different feeling to the viewer. The color is a bit bright because the light used has not really hit the outstanding things in the picture. As a result, the photo is somewhat blurry and backlit.

However, due to the complex construction design, the location of this apartment is located in a special place. Therefore, it is still considered one of the excellent architectural renders.

Theo Soumaille – Top 4 most impressive architectural renders

Next is Theo Soumaille’s 4th place.


Top 4 most impressive architectural renders

Looking at this rendering, you can completely feel the fresh air of nature and trees. trees around the house. The architects tried to use a lot of natural colors to make the architectural renders look realistic and help the viewer feel the soul in the image.

Darchviz – Top 5 most impressive architectural renders

And finally, the Darchviz project – the top 5 most beautiful architectural renders in the world.


Top 5 most impressive architectural renders


Hopefully, through this article, you will find the information related to architectural renders that you need!