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Something about branding K-Render – The Best 3D Rendering Studio

K-Render Studio is a company founded in 2013. With over 7 years of experience, we have built the K-Render brand as the most prestigious 3D rendering studio. We have been and will continue to develop the studio and this brand even more strongly with the motto of always listening and understanding customers, giving them the best service experience.
Besides, our K-Render also has some strengths as follows:

K-Render 3D rendering studio have a chance to cooperate with great partners

Here are some advantages when cooperate with our our 3D rendering studio

  • K-Render has many years of active cooperation with large companies in Vietnam as well as others in the world. For example: VinGroup, Eurostyle, Flamingo..

Something about branding K-Render – The Best 3D Rendering Studio

  • Besides, our 3D rendering studio also has the opportunity to work with many other domestic and foreign partners, directly participating in the production of renderings for each small and large project: private house project, apartment project, bar or office project, .. For more information, please visit to see our products clearly.
  • After completing the renderings, the feedback from the customers is extremely good. It can be said, K-Render 3D rendering studio as we always want the best for our customers. Reviews or feedback from customers clearly prove the level and quality of service that K-Render brings.

A team of experienced architects in K-Render 3D rendering studio

Our 3D rendering studio has many experiences in the photorealistic architectural rendering field, especially commercial building rendering. We have done many renderings for commercial building.

  • And we also have a team of experienced and highly qualified architects who can understand the client’s ideas and provide excellent 3D rendering products and services.

One of the best rendering of our 3D rendering studio

  • All staff members are professional architects and have at least 3 years of professional experience. Coming to our 3D rendering studio, they will show their rendering ability, helping customers to have the best quality renderings.

Working speed in K-Render 3D rendering studio

One of the most outstanding feature of our 3D rendering studio is working speed.

  • In addition to ensuring product quality, the working and rendering speed of K-Render 3D rendering studio is also another advantage. K-Render can draw and finish a project with an area of ​about 1000 square meters in 3-4 weeks.
  • For smaller works or projects it will only take a few days to a week for all the steps.
  • The working stages include steps such as: the customer needs to provide our 3D rendering studio with all the necessary information about the project, design drawings, area, material board.. From there, we will give you the price on this project. Next, both parties will also negotiate and agree to sign the final contract and start implementing the project. During the working time, our 3D rendering studio will render and send you edits and comments on the product. You just need to pay or deposit money to make the process easier and faster for both parties.

K-Render 3D rendering studio have good price

In addition to fast working speed, saving customers time, our 3D rendering studio also has competitive price

  • First of all, competitive prices are another advantage of K-Render Studio. Our 3D rendering studio still keeps the price suitable for the market’s tastes. Therefore, clients coming to K-Render will not feel pressured by the price of 3D rendering services.
  • Let’s do a price comparison of our 3D rendering studio with another architectural rendering company, the price plan of K-Render has more advantages. We always give priority to the customer, therefore, the pricing packages in our rendering services vary. Only at 3D rendering studio, rendering service from only $ 9.9 per square meter and many other incentives for customers.

If you are interested in K-Render Studio, you can check out our official website for more information.
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Hotline/ Whatsapp: Mr Ryan – CEO of K-Render Studio: (+84)855555961 

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