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Russian gold hair: Everything you need to know about

Russian gold hair color is one of the beautiful hair colors that are becoming trendy and trending for a long time. Below is a collection of western blonde hair colors to help you stand out more youthful and suitable for all skin tones.

Pros and cons of Russian gold hair

Advantages of Russian gold hair: 

  • Suitable for different hair styles such as curly, curled, wavy with styling that gives you a balanced harmony of the face.
  • The hair color has a warm, gentle, neutral tone that helps to make the skin more vibrant.
  • Russian gold hair is not picky about the outfit, you can freely dress up in your own style.
  • Owning this hair color helps you to be more youthful, stylish and easy to express your personality.

Pros and cons of Russian gold hair

Disadvantages of Russian gold hair:

  • If not taken care of carefully, this hair color easily fades and the hair becomes tangled.
  • Russian gold hair tends to be drier than other colors.

Frequently asked questions about Russian gold hair

  • Does Russian gold hair have to be bleached: According to hairstylists, in order for Russian gold hair to reach the color standard, you need to undergo a hair bleaching process. Because when bleaching hair is affected by chemicals, the hair is easily damaged and tangled, so it is necessary to have a suitable hair care process.

Frequently asked questions about Russian gold hair

  • Which skin tone is suitable for Russian gold hair: Russian gold hair is one of the hair colors that help highlight the skin. This hair color has many variations suitable for all skin tones from warm undertone to cool undertone. This advantage makes this one of the most popular hair colors to date.
  • What color does Russian gold hair fade out: After a period of dyeing, under the influence of the environment and chemicals, the color of Russian gold hair will gradually fade to yellow. Therefore, to keep your hair color longer, you need to have the right care regimen to keep your hair smooth and shiny.
  • Russian gold hair suits what face and hairstyle: Russian gold hair is assessed to be suitable for many different styles such as curling, curling, or curling gives you its own charm because of its gentle, feminine beauty and comes with any hairstyle. very good looking. Owning this hair color makes the girls become attractive, unusually attractive, creating the necessary harmony between skin color and face, enhancing the delicate beauty on the face.

Example of the most popular Russian gold hairs

Here is an example of the most popular Russian gold hairs today.

  • Bright Russian gold hair, this is one of the hottest hair colors in the current hair fashion industry. This hair color gives you a personality, youthful, suitable for all skin tones. In particular, this is a safe color, women can combine with natural curls and waves without fear of going out of fashion.
  • Mossy blonde Russian gold hair, the blend of gold and moss brings a quite attractive and modern effect. Owning this hair color brings a gentle yet very “trendy” look. This color is considered quite trendy, suitable for many skin tones as well as different styles. However, mossy blond hair is still best for those with fair skin, light makeup.

How to take care of Russian gold hair

To keep your Russian gold hair shiny and smooth for a long time, you need to pay attention to the following steps

How to take care of Russian gold hair

  • Do not wash your hair after dyeing: Do not wash your hair immediately to keep dyed hair color longer. After 48 hours, wash your hair to avoid the color of the hair being dyed.
  • Use shampoo specifically for dyed hair/hair extensions: You should choose shampoos and conditioners specifically for dyed hair to help provide nutrients to make hair stronger and keep hair color longer.
  • Incubate your Russian gold hair regularly: To add shine and health to dyed hair, you should spend 1 time a week for intensive hair incubation.
  • Keep your hair out of direct sunlight: Sunlight is what causes your hair to fade. So to protect yourself you should use hats, umbrellas when going out.