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K Hair: Overview Of K Hair Brand

K Hair is now the most well-known wholesale hair factory in Vietnam. Being founded in the 1990s, K Hair has been in the hair business for nearly 30 years now. After 30 years, K-Hair staff are all experienced hair experts, and they together build a giant K Hair brand. The company is now developing and widening its scale in different nations. You can find K-Hair offices in all of these countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Nigeria, Russia and the USA. With this amazing scale, K Hair is proud to be the prestigious partners of thousands of hair suppliers all over the world. In concrete, K-Hair have distributed hair extensions to more than 5000 resellers, dealers and hair salons from all countries in the world, and 1500 of which are loyal hair vendors.

Then, how can K Hair ensure the operation of such a big-scale company like this? The reasons lie in the professional management of the employers and the work of all devoted employees. In the K Hair factory, there are 208 workers, and 8 of them are in charge of observing and controlling other workers. This practice ensures that the hair extensions are always of the best quality. In addition, many departments in K Hair also help specialize in each development strategy. They are the supply head, marketing head, R&D and testing head and admin & others. All of these make K Hair develop into a large scale and strong company like now.

Have you ever wondered why the name is K Hair? If yes, let’s talk about its slogan! The slogan of the company is “QUALITY IS KING” . As you can see, the most important factor that K Hair pursues is the hair quality. It is the KING of the company! No matter what happens, quality is always the priority. Then, the letter K in the company name helps remind all the employers and employees of this core value. Whenever referring to K Hair, everybody will think of its great hair quality of wholesale hair extensions first. This is also a good impression that helps K-Hair successfully gain trust from its customers.

The company slogan is closely related to its vision and mission. In concrete, K Hair has an amazing vision of becoming the top global hair manufacturer, which firstly requires a high-quality hair source. About missions, K Hair shares 3 meaningful missions. Firstly, K-Hair intends to be the top supplier in the world for not only hair but also merchandise and services as well. Secondly, K Hair wishes to encourage the confidence inside all women. Everybody has their special beauty, so K-Hair wants all women in the world to understand that. Thirdly, K Hair aims at creating a wonderful environment for all employees to express themselves and devote themselves. In short, what K Hair aims at is not only simply the physical value, but they are also the invaluable unphysical values!

Above are the theoretic ideals of K Hair. Now, let’s see how the company carries out its plan and makes its brand through the products it supplies and the production that it operates! About the products, K Hair manufactures and distributes a wide range of hair extensions. Looking at the product categories, you can see a variety of hair types such as closure, frontal, natural raw bulk, weft hair, etc. What’s more, hair extensions are also diverse in hairstyles. They can be colored ombre hair, raw blond hair, bone straight hair, deep twist curl hair, pixie hair, deep wavy hair and so on. Customers can also have their hair orders made according to their particular requirements. No matter what, the hair quality is always the “king” factor, and you can totally be assured.

To ensure the quality, the key is the qualified production of high-quality hair source. Firstly about the hair source. K Hair always ensures using the best Vietnamese human hair as materials. The factory will go and collect hair directly from women in rural areas. In these mountainous regions, the hair quality is great. Young women always take care of their hair with natural treatment and never dye or restyle their hair. Therefore, the hair is really healthy and easy to process in the factory. The collecting process requires lots of effort and is very time consuming, but with the priority of quality, K Hair keeps this practice from the very beginning till now.

Another factor that defines the perfect quality of the hair extensions is the production. Although K Hair factory’s scale is not as big and industrial as Chinese’s, the producing techniques are usually updated and modernized. What’s more, this scale also enables K Hair skillful workers to pay attention to each hair extension produced. The meticulous production has created tons of high-quality hair extensions through the years.

In conclusion, K Hair is now a well-known brand of hair extensions for its prestige. And of course, success doesn’t come by itself. It is the very result of all efforts to overcome the difficulties, to increase the quality, to develop the production and to keep the company in the right direction.

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