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All things you should know about weft hair extensions

Weft hair extensions are among the highest-quality hair extensions available on the market. You may discover more about this popular product in this post. You may then choose the most reliable source to work with.

Introduction to weft hair extensions

Weft hair extensions are a popular sort of hair extension, but you’re not sure what they’re all about.

There are several unanswered questions, and you may take your time. Because Queen Hair can help you have a better understanding of this sort of hair available on the market.

What are weft hair extensions 

Weft hair extensions are a combination of strands of hair sewn onto a pretty thin fabric strip that your hairdresser can put into your hair. The manner whereby the hair is attached to the strip, however, is different.


Definition of weft hair extensions

Machine sewing will be used for certain weft hair extensions, while hand sewing will be used for others. Both have benefits, but depending on your hair type, one may be better for you than the other.

Weft hair extension characteristics

Hand-tied weft hair extensions are those that were woven by a genuine human hand, giving each weft special attention and giving in the lightest weft hair extensions imaginable! They are absolutely seamless since they are handmade and very flat, making them great for anyone with thin or fine hair! They are so flawless because they are produced by hand.

Similarly, like how a sewing machine operates, a machine-tied weft is run through a machine and securely woven into the seam, giving a thicker weft at the top. Furthermore, device weft hair extensions may be applied without the need of tape, adhesive, or heat. This is a single continuous strand of hair that may be chopped into smaller sections to fit different head shapes. Hand-tied weft is somewhat bigger than machine weft.

Sort out the different types of weft hair extensions

Weft hair extensions come in a range of styles, depending on your needs. Based on customer feedback, we’ve compiled a list of the three most common weft hair extension styles.


Classify of weft hair extensions

  • The very first type of weft hair extension was natural weft hair.

Natural weft hair is the earliest kind of weft hair extension. Genuine weft hair extensions are the most durable since they are made entirely of natural human hair. As a result, organic weft hair extensions have hair cuticles that run in the same way from head to tail.

Furthermore, natural weft hair extensions also weren’t chemically treated, were tangle-free, and did not shed. It ensures that natural weft hair extensions retain their original qualities of luster, smoothness, and softness. Hair extensions of this sort would be simple to colour, bleach, or restyle and would have a lengthy lifetime.

  • Bone straight are the second kind of weft hair extensions.

Hair that is bone straight from beginning to end is known as weft hair extensions. Bone straight weft hair extensions are the most popular hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. The hair is smooth, healthy, and of exceptional quality since it is made by raw hairs and straightened simply with heat. For someone with a polished sense of style, this is the best alternative.


Bone straight weft hair extensions

Weft hair extensions that are bone straight are very simple to maintain. The most important thing to remember is that for the straight lines to last longer, you should not try to curve or redo your hair. Furthermore, correctly combing the hair will help to lengthen the hair’s life. The top must be brushed first, then the tail. Before combing your hair, it’s also a great idea to apply hair conditioners.

  • Weft hair extensions with curls are the third type

Curly weft hair extensions are quite popular among African women, particularly in Nigeria. Several hair merchants in Nigeria predominantly imported these types of hair extensions from Asian companies. Because Africans’ natural hair is naturally curly, yet it is not as strong or robust as Asian hair. As a result, people often utilize curly weft hair extensions to improve the appearance of their hair.


Curly weft hair extensions

We can see from the attributes listed above that curly weft hair extensions are a product that can offer a lot of profit to wholesale hair companies in Nigeria if you pick suitable curly weft hair extensions provided by Asia hair manufacturers for your company.

The financial advantage of beginning a company with weft hair extensions

Virgin hair extensions were chosen by many hair sellers, notably in Nigeria. This kind of hair has various advantages for hair dealers because of its high quality and ease.

  • Starting a weft hair extension company on a shoestring budget

Pick wholesale hair vendors with high-quality goods and virgin hair extensions hairdos that are prevalent among local customers if you’re a freshman who wants to start a hair business in the hair extensions field with a minimal investment and will use weft hair extensions as your item, but you’ve not yet discovered an identified hair supplier and quality origin. As a consequence, your organization would get a number of financial benefits. Queen Hair is a wholesale hair vendor that sells high-quality weft hair extensions made from 100 percent Vietnamese virgin hair at affordable prices. You are welcome to free professional advice from our hair extension experts with years of experience.


Starting weft hair extensions business with small capital

  • Weft hair extensions are in high demand.

Due to the high demand for switching hairstyles from several clients, particularly in Africa and Europe, weft hair extensions goods have provided numerous economic advantages to hair sellers. Weft hair extensions come in a variety of hairstyles, are stitched into the customer’s root of the hair, and do not harm the client’s natural hair. Another benefit of weft hair extensions is that they allow clients to modify their hairstyles more regularly. It also boosts weft hair extensions providers’ income by allowing them to offer additional varieties of weft hair extensions. There are 2 main hair source for weft hair extensions in the world. They are Vietnamese hair and Indian hair, but there are some difference between Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair. You should understand before choose which one for your business.

Using the statement in the article as a guide. We hope you are able to obtain the most appropriate weft hair extensions to aid in the expansion of your hair company. If you’re still unsure, get in touch with Queen Hair factory right away for the finest advise from our hair specialists.