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A full map of cinnamon oil suppliers

Grabbing the distribution of cinnamon oil suppliers is the very first thing to do if you want to enter this promising market.

Cinnamon oil suppliers: The overview

Cinnamon oil suppliers are either unit, which produce cinnamon oil itself and distribute the product to the market or just sell the product. But in general, a supplier needs to be responsible for giving customers product information and delivering products to them.

Cinnamon oil suppliers: Main products

There are 2 main cinnamon oil products that are popularly distributed by cinnamon oil suppliers.

  • Cassia cinnamon: This type of oil is mostly produced in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. It is described to have a pungent flavor and aromatic smell. Its color is also supposed to be darker than the Ceylon. This cinnamon oil is mainly used in the cure of anti-inflammatory.
  • Ceylon cinnamon: Ceylon cinnamon oil is said to have milder and sweeter taste, along with a lighter color. This is mostly used to kill germs. 

Cinnamon oil suppliers: Main distributors

According to OEC’s reports, 4 main distributors of cinnamon oil are Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Among them, Sri Lanka is given all the credit in terms of Ceylon cinnamon oil, while others are famous for their Cassia cinnamon oil.


Cinnamon oil



At the same time, the US and countries in Europe are main consumer markets of cinnamon oil products.


  • Notice when working with cinnamon oil suppliers


There are 2 things any spice trader should keep in mind:

  • Signs of trustworthy suppliers: Having a clear company profile, achieving necessary quality certificates.
  • Signs of scamming suppliers: Vague company information, too early payment requirement, or too low offering prices.


  • Recommendation of cinnamon oil suppliers


The list below would be really helpful if you are struggling to find reliable cinnamon oil suppliers.

Recommendation of

5.1 K-Agriculture

Having cinnamon factories in Vietnam and distribution networks all over the world, K-Agriculture guarantees both the quality and quantity of cinnamon oil to wholesale buyers.

Contact us:



WhatsApp: +84 855555837



5.2 Lak Cinnamon

This company is based in Sri Lanka, the hotspot of Ceylon cinnamon varieties. Customers coming to this company don’t have to worry about the quality of cinnamon oil.


This is no longer a strange name to cinnamon traders. VINASAMEX gained its current position in the market by its diverse product varieties and comfortable customer service.